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I've found all sorts of things in all sorts of books, haven't you? A receipt. A letter. A bookmark. A wrapper. A flower. A train ticket. A glimpse into the random doings of another person, leaving you to wonder who they were, what they were doing. leaving you to marvel at the chaotic universe around us...

thingsinbooks.com is the place to collect the things, and wonder together.

People from all over the world are taking pictures of their things and uploading them to thingsinbooks.com - take a look at the column of recently added things on the right.


We launched on 13 July 2008, and we're adding new features all the time.

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TAGS:john irving, richard nixon, a prayer for owen me

found in a book

found in a book

found in a book
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TAGS:mystery, correspondence

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TAGS:photo, baby

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TAGS:art, sieseby, christmas

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found in a book

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